Birthday Wishes for Facebook Friends

Facebook has gone a long way from its humble beginnings. It has been a bridge from many people all over the globe, it made the world seem like a small community, where people from all walks of life and races can interact with each other, become acquaintances and eventually become friends for life. For your lifetime friend whom you met before, reconnected through Facebook and spent so much time through this viral social networking site, who is celebrating a special day in his or her life, it is important to show your love and care with a birthday message that would surely bring smile to your friend’s face.

As your Facebook friend celebrates his or her birthday, let him feel your presence despite being miles away. No place is so far for a friend whom you truly love. You may be in different time zones, different countries and different continents, but that can’t stop you from showing your love and care for your friend. Through Facebook and with these different cool and definitely touching birthday greetings, you can show your friend how much he or she is loved by you.

  • You’re lucky there’s Facebook, so many people can greet you a Happy and Blissful Birthday. So here’s one from me to you, Happy Birthday!
  • Today is the day where you become as famous as Oprah Winfrey to your Facebook friends. Happy Birthday! I barely remembered, good thing I was notified by Facebook! So Cheers and Have a Good one.
  • Facing the Computer…
    Opening Facebook…
    Checking Notifications…
    It says, it is your friend’s Birthday…
    So here pal, have a great year ahead!
  • For being a virtual friend, as well as being a true and loyal friend in real life, Happy Birthday. Years of friendship, solidified by Facebook, is something I hope that continues.
  • You’ve once again grew a year older. I hope this year you also become clever, as well as wiser. Perhaps it’s time to change that Lady Gaga cover photo of yours. Have a great one buddy!
  • Happy Birthday to the friend, that even though we’re miles away, has been with me through it all. This is indeed one great special day for you, let’s make it memorable. I may be away but my heart is with you as you celebrate this important day. Happy birthday!
  • You celebrate birthday once a year, but Facebook friends like you only come once in this short lifetime. Thank you for entering my life and making it awesome. Best wishes and my love and kisses for you on your birthday. See you soon!
  • While you’re partying there, I’m in front of my computer thinking of how much fun I’m missing out there. Today’s your birthday, my very dear friend. You’re surely having a blast, enjoy it, you deserve it. I hope I can join you in celebration one day.
  • Perhaps this is one day that you get so many notifications on Facebook, and I’m adding to that! Happy Birthday, my friend! You’ve lived another year, and I join you in wishing for another.
  • To the person whom I share many game requests, to the person whose photos and posts I always press the like button for, to the person whom I always get to chat with, and to the person who shares to the world all of her magnificent and marvelous experiences and achievements, Happy Birthday!
  • Facebook whispered you’re now 30, I was thinking you look like you’re just 29! Happy Birthday, my friend! Have a great one!
  • Despite our distance and busy schedules, I take time to greet you even just here in Facebook. To my dear friend, I share your joy on this special occasion. Reaching 30 alive and healthy is something worth celebrating.
  • On your birthday, I hope our friendship never loses its light and burn brighter every year that’s passed. Happy Birthday to the very dear friend who never fails to brighten my day with her posts and jokes. Have a blast!
  • Party hard tonight, tomorrow you have a lot of “thank you” comments you need to make! Happy Birthday friend, be sure to thank me tomorrow! Enjoy and Have Fun!
  • Wow, you’re truly viral here in Facebook today! I hope you enjoy your 30th birthday. Don’t worry, in your profile picture, you just look like you’re 29!
  • A friend like who you always shares funny memes (and sometimes they’re useless) is someone whom I should really send a personalized birthday greeting. So for you my friend, you make me laugh each day, today I hope you too have many laughter and jokes, Happy Birthday pal!
  • I wonder why you’re not posting something today, so I take this time to post something for you. Best wishes on your birthday, my friend. I hope you have many more years to like and comment on my posts 😉 and share them once in a while, too! Kidding aside, Happy Birthday, buddy!
  • Here’s hoping for a wonderful birthday for one truly special friend. You deserve all the happiness and good things this world can give you. Just make sure you like this post when you see it, a “Thank You” wouldn’t hurt too.
  • I would love to send you a present, but since you are so simple, a facebook greeting will surely do as well. Happy Birthday to my best FB buddy! Thank you for the times we’ve spent together face to face or online. See you soon!
  • You got another year to spend, another year to see your back ache! Happy Birthday, my friend! I plan to like your profile picture for this event, unfortunately, your picture is Scooby Doo.
  • Statistics revealed that you become famous when it’s your birthday. Surveys have also shown that people with most birthdays live the longest! Happy Birthday buddy, make sure you like this greeting tomorrow. See you soon!
  • We’ve spent so many days liking each other’s silly posts. Thank goodness you have another year to spend with me. Happy Birthday to my very good friend, you’re growing old, but definitely looking young!



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