Get Well Soon Messages

For that friend or loved one who’s spending his or her time combating the onslaught of a health enemy, for that person who holds a special place in your heart who’s taking his or her time recuperating from a disease or accident, for that special friend or relative who became the unwilling victim of a tiring medical condition, your sweet words and wishes will surely make his or her day.

Indeed, it is tough to fight a battle with ailments and pain and sweet words of hope and encouragement cannot ease the pain, but with these messages, you can show how much you care and love the person that is suffering, and you can give them courage and hope by saying how much you want him or her to get well.

  • After the sickness is gone, please do remember that you have to take care of yourself. Take this difficult times as a challenge to live a healthy and productive lifestyle. Get well soon.
  • Don’t worry the angels won’t get you yet. They know you mean so much to us and will let you stay with us much longer. Get well, we’ll see you soon!
  • Every night, I close my eyes and pray to God that everything for you is alright. You are one of the most special people in my heart and I have nothing to ask but your speedy recovery.
  • Everyone is excited to see you as lively and bouncy as before. Please do not disappoint us and become you old grumpy self ASAP. We love you.
  • I was devastated when I heard what happened I pray to God that you will get well soon. I’ll always be here for you.
  • Get Well Soon. It so hard to see you feel blue. I hope you take this time to rethink and be stronger than before.
  • God is the greatest physician, with him you’ll do fine. I’m joining you in praying for a good and speedy recovery. Take care.
  • God throws the toughest battles to his strongest soldiers. God knows you’re strong enough to combat your pain. Remember, there is always a rainbow after a heavy rain. Be strong, be tough and in the days to come, you will be alright.
  • Hoping for your speedy recovery, we miss you already.
  • I am sure no sickness can pull you down. I know you will get through this. Get well very soon.
  • I cannot imagine a life without you. Get well soon, we miss you so much.
  • I hope you get well soon. Laughter is always the best medicine. I hope amidst these tough days, you still have time to laugh and have fun.
  • I join you and the entire family in wishing for a better health. It’s been a while since we last show you; it’s been a while since we heard your jokes. Stay strong and safe. We still need you.
  • I join you in praying for your fast and speedy recovery. Miracles do happen, if we believe.
  • I was saddened when I heard you are in the hospital. Don’t stay there long, you’re needed more out here than in there. Get Well SOON!
  • I wish I could be there personally to hug you in these troubling times. I want you to know that I constantly pray for your recuperation and wellness. Get well soon, my dear.
  • Dear ____, I wish you to get well soon. Always remember, what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger.
  • If I were a magician, my first trick would be to make you feel better. However, since I cannot do that, I’ll just join you in praying and wishing for a quick recovery. Life is dull without you here.
  • It’s now time to say goodbye to bad health and say hello to a nice healthy living! Stay strong and get well very soon.
  • It was not easy hearing that you’re not doing well, and we all went under great stress, but now that we heard how well you are doing we are excited and eager to have you back. Always take extra care. Love you!
  • It’s been a while since we last saw you. Please stay safe and strong. We want to see you soon.
  • Life will always have the rough roads. After the rough roads will be the good roads. After this battle, you will have the best life that you deserve. Stay strong.
  • Life is not the same without you. I hope you take the time to rest and recuperate. We’re waiting to have you back with us, the bubbly and lovely you. We miss you.
  • Look out of window and feel the hope that powers us while we wait for you. The sun is shining, and nature is like a smiling baby. It is a reminder that life is beautiful and stunning. Get well soon.
  • Everyone that knows you is wishing you to get well soon. Always remember how much loved and treasured you are.
  • May you feel the warmth and love of God as you face all life’s terrible pains and ailments; we know you are strong and that you will get through this.
  • My day isn’t the same without seeing your lovely face first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Please be back soon and as always, be the sunshine of my life.
  • Never worry, God won’t get you yet. You still have a mission here on Earth. To brighten everyone life around you. Stay tough and healthy, your mission is waiting.
  • Sending you loads of love and care as I pray for your strength and speedy recovery.
  • Sickness is just a simple reminder that, despite your busy schedule, you need to rest now and then. Take extra care and get well very soon.
  • We miss your brilliant and contagious smile. Please get out of the hospital as we need to get our dose of that beautiful face and wonderful personality.
  • You are the one most important person in our lives. Life isn’t the same without you. Please get well soon.
  • You are well-loved by people. Amidst this terrible storm, do know that we are always here beside you. Despite this tragic and challenging event in your life, we know you can do it. Get Well Soon.
  • Your sickness is just a piece of cake for such a strong person. Combat this fight, and be with us soon.