Funny Birthday Wishes for Friends

Birthdays are made much more special with a few trick up on your sleeves. It is best to surprise your friend or relatives with creative and truly special birthday wishes that are different from everyone else’s. As someone close to your heart celebrates his or her birthday, take the extra mile and exert more effort on greeting him or her on this special day. Birthdays come only once a year, make it worth remembering. For your friend who makes you laugh, it is your time to give him or her back that laugh. On the occasion of his or her birthday, make the special day much more fun and memorable with your funny Happy Birthday message that will surely make his or her day. If you can’t think of any, never worry. There are some sample humor-filled birthday messages that will surely give your birthday greeting a nice touch.

  • I would like to share with you a simple piece of advice as you celebrate your birthday, smile while you still have a complete set of teeth.

  • It’s been quite a while since you were born. Really a long time. It’s however frustrating to see childish you act after all these years. Happy Birthday!

  • For your birthday this year my present will be a cane! Happy Birthday!

  • The fire department better be alert when you lit up your candles. Too many candles, too hazardous. Best wishes on your birthday.

  • The candles in your cake are even more costly than your cake. Perhaps that’s the disadvantage of aging! Happy Birthday, wish you all the best!

  • You’re like a fossil already, ancient but worth so much. Happy Birthday.

  • I hope you don’t die before you blow the candles on your cake. I hope you don’t get burned while you blow the candles. And I hope you don’t cut yourself while you’re slicing the cake. You’re much more delicate now than before. Happy Birthday!

  • Another year for you, another ache for your body. Happy Birthday, my friend. Have a great year ahead.

  • I’m going to buy you a necklace with your name and address in case you forget where you live! Happy Birthday, and enjoy life for many more years to come.

  • For sure, looking like sixty is great when you’re seventy! Happy Birthday.

  • As you age, you’re becoming like a cheese. The older, the stinker. Just kidding, Happy Birthday to you! May God bless you!

  • Happy birthday and remember, don’t count your wrinkles, they’re too many, you’ll lose count!

  • For you birthday this year I’ll buy you a supplement for your memory. Happy Birthday.

  • I printed this message on large print, so that you can read it! Happy Birthday!

  • What does a dinosaur look like in your real life? I guess at your age you may have seen one up close and personal. Happy Birthday, old man!

  • I love history so much, and this is why I like to hung around you! Happy Birthday old pal.

  • Your birthday always remind me of the Chinese quote “Yung No Mo.”! Happy Birthday, Mr. Young No More.

  • It’s your birthday today! You may have forgotten at your age, that’s very likely. Happy Birthday.

  • Your cake is cheaper than the candles on it. Happy Birthday!

  • Don’t worry about the past, it’s done
    Don’t fret about the future, it isn’t done.
    Don’t imagine a present for I didn’t bring you one.
    Happy Birthday, gosh you’re old!

  • It’s refreshing to feel young, vibrant, fresh and alive. Do you remember how that feels like? I doubt it. It’s been such a long time. Happy Birthday.

  • Don’t frown over aging. Don’t frown if you smell like the ground. Remember, it is always better to be over the ground than under it. You may be there soon. Happy Birthday.

  • Too many birthdays will eventually lead to your death. Remember that and Happy Birthday.


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