Funny Birthday Wishes

So it’s their turn now for the best day of the year, their birthday, and you have to find the right words to say your greetings in a unique, informal and cool way! In our generation, we are now expressing our love and kindness in different ways, and certainly not like the usual standards of being too formal. Let’s accept the fact that we all have different personalities and we need different approaches. A simple gesture of appreciation and time invested for a little surprise is heart-warming and worth remembering.

Birthdays are special events we celebrate to show our uniqueness. So don’t let them fall into a drama again and again. Here you will find original hilarious birthday messages to make that special person smile or maybe shake their life a bit, just for a day, for fun! It’s once a year anyway! 

  • Your birthday is a proof that God gave you one more chance to become better and skip hell! Happy Bday!
  • Nobody minds growing old, when they are young, but at your age it certainly something to celebrate. You never know how many more times you’ll celebrate it in the future!
  • Your realization of your age obviously lies in your subconscious mind. We won’t ask you to act like it, unless necessary 🙂
  • Happy birthday! Be proud! You worked so hard to reach that age!
  • I’d rather count your jokes than your age.
  • We all get old too; you’re just first in line… for the graveyard!
  • Happy birthday! Knowing your age makes me feel young!
  • This is the best time to do crazy things. Actually you can do anything at your age and nobody will tell you anything out of respect.
  • Shout out your age! You’ll be proud, and everyone will admire how you managed to reach it!
  • Some people erase their wrinkles, but age is written all over their bodies like a tattoo. Happy birthday old man!
  • Age has its benefits! As you grow, you’ll develop an x-ray vision of who to lie to, who to rely on to, and who to say goodbye to.
  • No one beats a classic tune refined by time and you are a tune soon to be classic!
  • Lucky is the person who doesn’t know how to count! Happy birthday!
  • It’s your birthday and you can still shake your world!
  • If people don’t remember your birthday, don’t be annoyed, you should laugh. They are getting older, just like you 🙂
  • Welcome to a new decade; the decade where you have to use post-its to remember to take your medicine. Happy birthday!
  • You’re old now! Time to kiss your dreams… hello! Happy birthday old man!
  • Scientist proved that women who admit their age and laugh about it, are more prone to happiness! Happy birthday.
  • Getting older? Don’t worry about it. Just close your eyes and be as old (or young) as you wanna be. Happy birthday.
  • A well balanced mind wouldn’t be worried about age, but you’re not that kind!
  • Every year we celebrate your birthday, but you never seem to age at all. Are you an alien?
  • Lovely! You’re as toothless as a baby! Happy birthday baby!
  • Gray hair is a sign of life lived in glory, why does everyone dye it?
  • Don’t try to hide your age, everyone knows it. Just enjoy one more happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday! You’re old! Now get over it and face it as you face the mirror every day.
  • You remember those crazy stuff you did? Well, you can still do them, at the retirement home!
  • Happy birthday celebration! Just remember not to use too much make-up, it will be more obvious.
  • Growing old is unstoppable, physical growth is unstoppable, but old mindset is not. So stop being a grumpy old man!
  • It’s okay not to act your real age if no one’s watching, but if you’re with someone, please do. Happy birthday!
  • You know what’s hotter than summer? Your burning desire to stay young!
  • Happy birthday to the one who proved that old age is for the young at heart.
  • It’s not the celebration that counts; it’s the people whose schedule was ruined to come and see you. We love you old pal!
  • Happy birthday! Just for today you’ll get my full attention, but I can’t make any promises for tomorrow, so enjoy it while it lasts!
  • I only know two age numbers, old and young. Your heart is definitely young; I wish I could say that for your body too.


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