Creative and Funny Ways to Say Happy Birthday

Everybody’s birthday is, as expected, a very special day. You can make a birthday extra special with your wishful thoughts and greetings. Whether you are greeting a family member, co-worker, friend, or even your boss, you can easily cheer him up and add to the joy of his or her birthday with your extra creative and truly spectacular birthday greeting. You can surely cheer your friend with wishful and enchanting birthday messages that he or she would not expect. With humorous and extra creative textual greetings, you can show your spouse, child, relative or friend how special he or she is for you.

If you need a unique, creative and humorous birthday greeting for your extra special person, yet you don’t have the enough time to create one, don’t worry. There are some ideas below that will certainly help you boost up your birthday greetings for anyone. With extra humor, fun and creativity, you can truly touch the celebrant’s heart and make his or her birthday truly spectacular. A simple, creative, funny and truly touching message is all it needs to show your love and care for the birthday celebrant and make his or her birthday extra special.

  • You’re another year older, and I’m wishing you also grow one year wiser. Don’t worry, you may be 40, but you look like you’re only 20! Best Wishes for another year!
  • On your birthday, I wish to give you an anti-aging pill, that way, you may age up to eighty, but you will only look like you’re 40. But as I think about it, you don’t need one like it. You’re still fabulous and stunning despite your aging! Happy Birthday! Continue the beauty and enchantment within!
  • It seems like only yesterday when you were born bare and naked! Now, you sleep all night fully clothed in pajamas! Happy Birthday, my friend and I wish you a good night sleep tonight, with your pants off!
  • Don’t worry about getting older, at least you get to eat cake all day! Happy Birthday! Best Wishes for the year ahead!
  • You are older, but clearly NOT better! Sending you my Love and Kisses on Your Birthday! All the best!
  • Don’t worry about your age! You don’t look like it anyway. 30 is the new 20 these days! Happy Birthday, my friend!
  • Congratulations on being awarded another year! I hope the Lord doesn’t regret it.
  • Birthdays tend to come over and over again every year, until your surrender yourself to the grave :-). Enjoy them!
  • Feliz Cumpleanos! Buon Compleanno! Joyeux Anniversaire! Felix dies natalis! Didn’t understand it, huh? It just means you’re getting older, google it! Happy bday!
  • Old age has its advantages! You get the best seats at buses! Happy Birthday, and enjoy your privileges!
  • I was looking for a rocking chair for you old man! I realized you may have bought one for yourself! Happy Birthday, enjoy life, while you still have it!
  • Wow! You have so many candles on your cake! Hope they don’t start a fire in your neighborhood. Last year, they almost did. This year, they’re more. Call 911!
  • Happy Birthday, seems like the candles cost more than your cake!
  • Be glad you still have teeth, tomorrow they might be gone! Happy Birthday old man!
  • I was thinking of buying you a gift, but I realized that you might have everything you need. Cane, dentures, diapers, what more do you need? Happy Birthday, you might be old, but you continue to be loved.
  • I was thinking of buying you a fossil until I realized you are one already! You may be ancient, but you are worth a great deal! Happy Birthday.
  • Smile wide… as long as you still have teeth! Happy Birthday, have a great one!
  • There are a lot of prominent and rich people born today, too bad you aren’t one of them! Happy Birthday and I hope in the years to come you’ll be given a chance to join them.
  • Your age is something that every year goes up but never goes down. Don’t ever hope that this will reverse. Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great one.
  • Some say you’re an old f@rt! I say, don’t worry, wisdom always comes with age! Happy Birthday my very dear friend!
  • You’re like cheese, as you age you get smellier :). But you’re also like wine, the longer you stay here, the sweeter you get! Greetings of a Happy Birthday to the world’s smelliest cheese and the sweetest wine, and everybody knows these two go really well together!
  • Be careful when you blow your candles not to get too close, as you might get a third-degree burn! That’s how many they are!
  • You’re like the Earth, full of cracks as you age, but despite your aging looks, you’re still stunning and beautiful as ever! Happy Birthday,!
  • I hope you won’t die before you blow the candles on this cake. Let’s get a bite first before we start rushing you to the hospital. Happy birthday!
  • Do you have a time machine or something? I can’t imagine someone living that long! Congratulations!
  • No I won’t tell anyone how old you are! Happy 88th Birthday, old man! Wait, WHAT? You’re just 61? Amazing!
  • Did you forget that today’s your birthday? You may have. Happy Birthday, don’t worry in the years to come I will make you remember this special day.
  • I bought you a special medicine keeper. You might need it soon! Happy Birthday! It’s better to be prepared!
  • May God give you ten more years. Of course everybody knows how improbable that is, but anyone can dream! Happy Birthday!


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