Mother’s day e-cards


It’s not a secret any more:  most moms are “hooked” on social media platforms like facebook, pinterest and twitter. Here’s a collection of photos we have crafted for you that you can use on these sites to show her your love on mother’s day! To download the images right click on them (on Windows) or hold down the Cmd button and click on the image (on Mac) and chose “save image as” to store them on your computer....

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Mother’s Day cards


On this Mother’s day take a moment to send a virtual card to your beloved mother by email or on social networks like facebook or twitter.

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Mother’s day messages


Mother’s day is that day through the year that we must all take a moment and celebrate all of the wonderful things our mothers do for us, from the cradle to the grave, things that often go unnoticed. Our moms are the ones who care for us and nurture us when we’re too small to nurture ourselves. Our moms worry over us when we’re too young and immature to worry for our safety, and they constantly console us through all of those little or big trials of life.

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100 birthday wishes


Everybody has a birthday. Whether we embrace it or try to forget we’re getting older, nobody should forget it’s the day someone who cares about you always celebrates. Here’s some happy, sarcastic, and sappy wishes that say Happy Birthday to someone you love!

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Birthday Love Messages


Do you have love in your heart for someone, and you just can’t come up with the perfect message on their Birthday? The words swirl around inside your head but you cannot pull them together, in an expression of a loving Birthday wish. You want to make sure this is the most memorable day of their life, that amazing moment when they open their card, email, bouquet of flowers or e-card. You want them to hold those magical words in their heart forever; here are great Birthday Love messages that will never be forgotten.

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Happy Birthday poems


When someone is having a birthday, they love to get cards or sayings from their friends and loved ones, that show how much they are cared about. But what can impress one more than a special happy birthday poem? Here are some of our own poems, that will most certainly brighten the special day of your loved ones.

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Last minute FUNNY Valentine’s day quotes


Aaaah… Valentine’s Day, a day when a man’s or woman’s fancy turns to love. However, not all of us are adept at expressing our affections to the one we love. In fact, for many, this day is one of stress, not love as they struggle to appropriately express their true feelings. Never fear, here are some ways you can let that special someone know that you’re thinking of them.

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Valentine’s day messages

Saint Valentine messages and wishes

Saint Valentine’s day is a day of celebrating that intimate love that you share with another person. It is a time to demonstrate how much affection you feel for that special someone in your life and let them know how much you care. It is a reminder to that person that they are treasured and have made an impact on your life. Words can be stark and profound, but they can also be subtle and effective in showing deep admiration and love. Here are some words to contemplate and inspire you on Valentine’s Day.

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Birthday Wishes


Of all the times for congratulations, celebration, and gift giving, birthdays are the one time that a person gets the day all to him or herself. Often parents go out of their way to make birthdays extra special for their children, including a fancy cake, streamers, balloons, lots of presents, and fun activities for family and friends. However, as we get older, it’s easy to put birthdays off, saying it’s not that important, but deep down we miss the days when we wore the birthday hat, everyone was excited, and we got the most attention. As an adult, it’s not so much about the presents anymore but the fellowship and love from family and friends that really makes the day special. That’s why a special note, even just a quick text, means so much and shows a person that they are loved, makes their day full of joy, and lets them know that they are still extra special. Birthdays are a celebration of life; when a special and unique person, who will never be replicated, was brought into this world.

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Thanksgiving quotes


Give thanks to you family and friends. Some truly thankful quotes made by famous people that will inspire you and your loved ones, so that they will remember and appreciate the true importance and meaning of this day.

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