Top Birthday Wishes | Birthday wishes for every occasion

If you look at it rationally, an anniversary is a celebration of the Earth in orbit. Isn’t it funny?

However, when your birthday comes, you want everyone to remember you.

The wishes of friends, family and loved ones are often the sweetest words our ears can hear, and even a remedy for every passing preoccupation.

When it comes to love, romantic wishes for a man or a woman or are the gateway to a future affair or to keeping an old relationship fresh.

No written text can substitute the expression of a warm heart – but words ARE important, and we often need someone to help us pick the right words.

This is what Top Birthday Wishes is all about. A vast collection of the most original birthday wishes, and the best-chosen words to say to your loved ones.

The text used in our Channel trailer is a quote by the American poet and essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson. It reads:


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